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Couples Lining Up to Dance

Dancing Classes that Keep Affordability in Mind

NEW!!! Social Membership  
Learn the 6 Major Dances in 6 Months!

Includes 5 Group Classes a Week offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights:

Three Choreography Classes,
Two Technique Classes,
Plus Twice a Month on Thursday Nights a Practice Hour Session
              You can attend them all!

3 months $90 per person per calendar month
6 months $80 per person per calendar month
or $100 per month per calendar person

Private Instruction
See their bios and contacts on Instructors page

Beginner Lessons first 3 with Christine are $65, pre-pay 3 for $195 or pay as you go for $70 per lesson
Advanced Lessons with Christine are $80, pre-pay 6 for $475 or 10 for $790 pre-pay
Wedding Lessons with Christine are $80, pre-pay 6 for $475 or 10 for $790 pre-pay

Beginner Lessons with April are $75, prepay 6 for $420
Advanced Lessons with April are $75, prepay 10 for $710
Wedding Lessons with April are $75, prepay 6 for $420

Introductory Special with Vlad - pay for one lesson at $90, get the next one free! 
Advanced Lessons with Vlad are $90

Packages of 10 private lessons with Vlad come with 5% discount, 
20 lessons with a 10% discount,  and 30 lessons with a 15% discount

Beginner Lessons with Daryll are $65 FOR THE FIRST 5 lessons, 
Advanced Lessons with Daryll are $90, 
Junior lesson rates for those 16 + under $45

Advanced Lessons with Gunnar are $110
Junior Lessons (18 and younger) with Gunnar are $65

Beginner Lessons with Kristie are $65 up to ten lessons, 
Advanced Lessons with Kristie are $85 per lesson, pre-pay 5 for $400
Wedding Lessons with Kristie are $65 per lesson, up to 10 lessons

Friends, Family, or Colleagues GROUP CLASS - set up just for you!!! Bridal Parties - Girl's Night Out - Team Building - Corporate Groups - Family Reuniuns

$20 per Student for 4-6 people
$15 per Student for 7-10 people
$10 per Student for 11 or more people

Are you attending an upcoming wedding or holiday party? Do you want to impress your friends or bond with your colleagues? Then you might be interested in a personalized group class specific for you and your friends, family, or colleagues! Choose a dance you and your group would like to learn, a night that is best for all of you, and then call Daryll, she will set it all up and provide you with the information you need. Classes can be scheduled until 9 pm during the week and accommodations can be made for the weekend

Dance with Instructor