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About Our Instructors

At BALLROOM FEVER DANCE STUDIO in Enfield, Connecticut, we have taken professional trainers and matched them with a fantastic facility to offer you the best in local dance lessons.

By providing you the ability to learn steps from all different styles, we hope you love for dance strengthens and takes you to new heights. Learn about each instructor below and find one that suits your dancing needs.


Gunnar began ballroom and Latin dancing at the age of ten, following in the footsteps of his older brother in Reykjavik, Iceland. He often fondly reminisces about coming to that fork in the road. With the options of soccer and dancing, having to make the choice of smelly locker rooms vs. girls and music was no contest.

He continued his pursuits successfully to become a thirteen time Icelandic Champion in Latin, ballroom, and 10-dance. In his competitive career, he has placed fifth on the Scandinavian Closed 10-dance category, and competed five times in Blackpool, England, world youth Latin, and amateur 10-dance championships with partners growing up.


He spent summers in England training with some of the best dancers in the world, as England is the international dance mecca. In 1996, he moved to the United States and began teaching in a local ballroom studio and soon became a manager and one of the top instructors in the country for that franchise.

After meeting Daryll, she dragged him out of retirement from competitive ballroom dancing just to add a few more titles to his name:

• World Finalist in Smooth
• US Rising Star American Rhythm Champion
• US Rising Star American Smooth Champion
• US 9-Dance Champion

Gunnar coaches many professional couples, as well as top-ranked amateurs. His Pro/Am lady students are some of the best in the National Dance Council of America competitions year after year.

2007                                        ...(then we "retired" to start a family)...
Ohio Star Ball Professional OPEN TO THE WORLD American Smooth Finalists 
36-Ohio Star Ball Professional American Style 9-Dance Champions
35-Champions - Constitution State Challenge Open Pro American Smooth
34-Champions - USA NATIONAL 2007 Open Pro American Style 9-Dance
33-Champions - Dancing A La Carte Open Pro American Smooth
32-CHampions - Tri State Challenge Open Pro American Smooth
31-Champions - La Classique Open Pro American Smooth
30-Champions - Ohio Star Ball American Style 9-Dance Champions
29-Champions - USA NATIONAL 2006 Pro Rising Star American Smooth
28-Champions - American Star Open Pro American Smooth
27-Champions - American Star Open Pro American Rhythm
26-Champions - Windy City Open Open Pro American Smooth
25-Champions - Windy City Open Open Pro American Rhythm
24-Champions - Virginia State Pro Rising Star American Smooth
23-Champions - Twin Cities Open Open Pro American Smooth
22-Ohio Star Ball American Style 9-Dance Champions
Runners Up- 2nd in the USA NATIONAL American Style 9-Dance Championships
21-Champions - Constitution State Open Pro American Smooth
20-Champions - Constitution State Rising Star Pro American Smooth
19-Champions - Capital Pro Rising Star American Smooth
18-Champions - Manhattan Pro Rising Star American Smooth
17-Champions - Maryland Open Open Pro American Rhythm
16-Champions - USA NATIONAL Pro Rising Star American Rhythm
15-Champions - Yankee Classic Pro Rising Star American Smooth
14-Champions - American Star Ball Pro Rising Star American Smooth
13-Champions - Tri State Challenge Pro Rising Star American Smooth
12-Champions - Tri State Challenge Pro Rising Star American Rhythm
11-Champions - Heritage Classic Pro Rising Star American Rhythm
10-Co-Champions - Commonwealth Pro Rising Star American Smooth
9-Champions - Commonwealth Open Pro American Rhythm
8-Champions - Commonwealth Pro Rising Star American Rhythm
7-Champions - NJ State Open Pro Rising Star American Rhythm
   Runners-Up 2nd in USA NATIONAL American Style 9-Dance
6-Champions - Empire State Pro Rising Star American Smooth
5-Champions - Maryland Pro Rising Star American Smooth
4-Champions - Maryland Pro Rising Star American Rhythm
3-Champions - Northeastern Open Open Pro American Rhythm
2-Champions - Holiday Classic Pro Rising Star American Rhythm
1-Champions - Constitution State Pro Rising Star American Rhythm



Daryll began dancing at the age of three. When she was just fourteen years old at the New England Dance Conservatory, she was asked to join their pre-professional program.

As she began her BS in business at Bay Path College, she also began teaching in a local ballroom studio while she completed her degree. Soon after she graduated, Daryll and Gunnar got engaged to be married and moved to New York to continue teaching and training before they returned to Enfield to open their own studio.

In March of 2003, Daryll and Gunnar began their professional competitive career inthe American division, and in September of 2005, they came in first in the country in Pro Rising Star in Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo.  The following September of 2006, they came in first in the country in Pro Rising Star American Smooth division, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz, becoming the only couple in the United States ever to champion both US Rising Star Titles.

In September 2007, they won the USA National 9-Dance Championship. They have pursued their training by receiving coaching from outstanding dance teachers from around the world. Some of their amazing coaches and mentors throughout their competitive career together were:

• Marianne Nicole
• Tony Meredith
• Melanie LaPatin
• France Mousseau
• Jean-Marc Genereux
• Beata Onefater
• Ian Folker
• Paul Holmes
• Nadia Goulina
• Olga Kormanovskaya
• Toni Redpath
• Golrin
• Matthew Nicole Cutler
• Eddie Simon
• Glen Weiss
• Leva
• Rufus Dustin
• & More Excellent Trainers



Vlad is Ukrainian and started dancing competitively in international Latin & standard when he was nine years old. His professional teaching career began in 2006, and he turned professional in 2010.

In Ukraine, he competed professionally, taught students, and visited different seminars and lectures with coaches around the world before he returned to the US in 2012.

He is a member of the NDCA as a professional as well as a Pro/Am (with a student) competitor.  He is a certificated Pro/Am teacher in both the American & International styles, as well as in Argentine Tango. He competes with his students in International Latin, International Standard/Ballroom, American Rhythm, and American Smooth styles and they are deservedly rewarded time and time again with finalist placements at the most difficult events.  He competes in the Professional International Latin division presently with his pro partner, Annie, are available for shows at events and parties.  They are a couple to contend with as they are 2018 US Rising Star International Latin Runners-Up.   It is an incredible achievement to be in the top eschelon of professional competitors in the USA and it is fair to say, in the entire world as well, measured by their great success in Europe and Asia recently.  When Vlad is in the room, and there is music playing, he is impossible to not be drawn to with his enigmatic charisma and unfaultering energy with devout expression.  Watching him, moves you. 

VladVlad Dancing Instructor Vlad

ChristineChristine DancingArtistic Director Christine



Christine Kjellquist trained with the Central Connecticut Ballet company where she studied Pavlova method ballet, tap, and jazz for fifteen years. In 2003, she became certified as a ballroom instructor and is registered with the National Dance Council of America as a certified teacher.

Christine has ranked as a top trainer, able to teach many styles of ballroom dance in private lessons and group settings, as well as fitness and dance classes. With a passion for health, she leads a team and features popular fitness products and resources for clients. She is also in training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Additionally, Christine was an artistic director for a children's music and movement company, where she helped innovate programs for local families.

Passionate about honoring the root of rhythm, when she's not training for the Professional American 9-Dance Competition, she spends her time studying rhythmic patterns and history with top professional drummers and co-hosts local Afro-Cuban hand drumming events.

"I teach my students to trust themselves. It's amazing what is possible."


April started her performing arts life at 5 years old; taking classes in ballet, jazz and piano. She progressed to studying gymnastics and voice. She was always drawn to music and singing and took part in local community theater productions.

When she was 19, she was introduced to swing dancing and a whole new world was opened to her. Ballroom became a passion that has turned into a life-long career. She spent over a decade working for a franchise and was extremely successful in her work with students of all levels; becoming a manager and a regional teacher trainer and often being awarded “top teacher” for the year.

During her 14 years of full-time ballroom dancing, she also competed in Theater Arts and American Rhythm - earning several first places finishes regionally. She enjoyed helping students push themselves to the “next level” through competitions & show dances - helping them to achieve things they never imagined possible.

Currently, she is “retired” from competitive dancing to concentrate on her most challenging endeavor - parenting! She and her wonderful husband have two very active toddlers; who are already taking after their mother with their love of music and movement. However, since movement and performance are part of her soul, she has also expanded her knowledge by taking up tap and aerial circus arts (Lyra and fabric).



April teaches American Smooth and Rhythm of any level and Theater Arts. She teaches a Bronze Level group on Tuesday nights that focuses on one dance per month. She loves teaching at any level - from beginner to advanced and loves watching the progression of development in her students.

In her “spare time” April runs a teen formation program at her church, administrates a support group for foster parents, and likes to volunteer to help the homeless and hungry in our area. She is also an “unapologetic Disney lover”, taking 2-3 trips to see “The Mouse” each year.

April also competed in theater arts and American rhythm, earning several first place finishes. She teaches American rhythm and smooth, international standard and Latin, and theater arts. She enjoys all levels of teaching, especially when children are involved.

"I love helping students explore sides of themselves they didn't know they had and helping them to become the strongest dancers they can be."


KRISTIE MULLINS started dancing as a child studying tap, jazz, ballet, and character dance. After graduating from Western New England University with a BA in Business, she began her Ballroom career with one of the chain studios in Springfield, MA. She later moved to the Boston area, where she owned and managed two studios for the chain.

Kristie Mullins

Her professional competitive career spanned fourteen years, during which she competed extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. Kristie competed professionally in American Style Smooth and Rhythm, as well as International Style Standard. Some of her titles include: the New England Pro American Smooth Champion, finalist in the FADS Pro Nationals, and semi-finalist in the United States Pro Dancesport Championships. She currently competes in the Pro-Am level with her students and consistently places in the Top Teacher standings. She has achieved the honor of being the only female teacher to win Top Teacher in the 20 year history of the Dancing a La Carte Competition.

Kristie is a member of the National Dance Council of America and is certified to teach through both the NDTA and FADS. She has taught in private and public schools as well as at the collegiate level. Some of the schools she has had the honor to teach at include: JFK elementary in Brockton, Braintree High, Milton Academy, Derby Academy, UMASS Dartmouth, Brandeis University and MIT. She has had the opportunity to train both amateur and professional dancers through MASABDA and the Dance Teachers Club of Boston.

Kristie is very fortunate to have made a lifelong career sharing her passion for dance with students of all levels-beginner through advanced, social and competitive. She also loves that dancing is ageless and that it is it’s a great way to stay fit and have fun! Her students range from ages 6 to 86. Kristie lives in East Longmeadow, MA and has taught her husband,Terry and their three children; Meg, Ian, and Sarah to dance. She is still working on their Jack Russell, Scout as he has four left feet!!!


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


Linda Gergye was born in Sopron, Hungary, where she took jazz and modern dance classes at the age of twelve. She fell in love with ballroom dancing when she was fourteen and thus began her competitive career.

She placed in the finals in the amateur Latin division in Hungary, and in 2009, she turned professional and competed internationally. The next year, she moved to England to continue competing, teaching, and learning.

Linda moved to the US in 2012, and competed in the Professional American Rhythm division, as well as presently in the Professional International Latin division with her partner. Linda has performed for large corporate events and is available for shows.


JackJack with His Partner



Jack Daly is a mild-mannered insurance analyst by day and a debonair dance crusader by night, promoting his passion for ballroom dancing. Jack began dancing in high school and upon arriving at college joined and eventually led a social ballroom dance club. He has been living and teaching in Connecticut since 2013, having moved here after graduating from Colgate University in upstate New York. 

Jack is a certified Pro/Am instructor through the National Dance Council of America in the American Smooth & Rhythm styles, and has helped many students realize their dream of competing. He is also a Professional American 9-Dance competitor: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, and Mambo.  He is presently taking tryouts for a new professional partner.  

Whether it be social dancing or taking a swing at competition, Jack is excited to help you achieve your dancing desires!