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The safety, health, and well-being of our students and creative staff is on our minds as we write this letter to you. In the best interest of everyone, we are placing the Social Membership on hold. At the present we are hoping, like all are, that this too will pass quickly, and that we will resume normal schedules in 2021.  

We know that our dancers and friends enjoy the comfort and solidarity in our community, and so we will continue to offer private lessons until further notice. The arts have a special way of sustaining us through crisis by offering an outlet for creativity and expression, and in our studio, we exercise as well which contributes to our health and ability to stay strong. Please continue to practice your floor work, stretching, and techniques, that we have been working on in classes to keep you in good form if you are staying home.

I ask that you have swift transparency in disclosure with us should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of coming down with a fever, or have been in close contact with someone who does have symptoms. Please stay home even if you feel normal and asymptomatic, but were possibly exposed to the virus. Consideration and communication is key as we must evaluate who we may be planning on teaching that may be at risk. We may be healthy and low risk, but we must consider the older students who we may be teaching private lessons to, or those that are high risk that we care for, please keep others in mind.
Be well, be kind, and be thoughtful,
Gunnar Sverrisson
Director of Dance, Ballroom Fever

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Dancing is a fun, active, and intimate way to express your creativity for yourself and others. Imagine moving along to the music with your partner, letting your energies intertwine to create a feeling only possible through rhythm. Doesn't that sound thrilling?

At BALLROOM FEVER DANCE STUDIO in Enfield, Connecticut, we provide comprehensive instruction on how to master a variety of dance genres. From the lively tempo of the Latin style to the regal elegance of Ballroom dancing, you can learn it all from our talented instructors.  We are 20 minutes from Hartford and 10 minutes from Springfield, and our dancers drive an hour from every direction for the exceptional instruction they receive at Ballroom Fever Dance Studios. 

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Ignite the floor with your dance moves! Whether you are a beginner, an advanced dancer, or someone who has two left feet, we can suit your dancing needs.

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The professional instructors at BALLROOM FEVER DANCE STUDIO are available to teach private dance lessons seven days a week by appointment.

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Join the Social Membership, or establish your own group class of friends at an affordable price. Simply set up your appointment at our studio by giving us a call.


What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?                -Schuller 

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Discover your love for music with us! Since 2002, our studio has helped individuals and couples realize their creative potential right here on the studio floor. We take great pride in helping adults rekindle their youthful enthusiasm through rhythm and movement.

As members of the National Dance Council of America, and with instructors being DVIDA and/or ISTD certified, franchise trained, or champions in their field, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands.  Most instructors grew up dancing as children, and as teenagers taught in one of the franchised dance studio schools and have been teaching independently for years students to dance all across the US.

Gunnar, Daryll, April, Christine, Vlad, & Kristie have been teaching for many years as professional instructors.  All of the Ballroom Fever Professionals receive regular training from some of the top coaches in the country and even the world.

We are a gem in the Northeast.

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(860) 741-8420 - You will reach me, Daryll, and I will answer your questions or put you in touch with the person who can answer them for you.  Thank you for your interest in Ballroom Fever!

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Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Call for weekend hours as many of our professionals teach different schedules to accommodate your lifestyle.

608 Enfield St, Enfield, CT 06082
Our Studio is at a convenient location just off of the highway, situated 20 minutes from Hartford, CT & 10 minutes from Springfield, MA.

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Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.

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