New to Dancing?
 We can offer you a coupon for One Free 30 minute Lesson to try out the studio, meet us, and get a taste of what ballroom dancing has to offer,  or start with BEGINNER GROUP CLASS 
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                     We are a Ballroom and Latin dance studio

20 minutes from Hartford & 10 minutes from Springfield
teaching you to dance for 13 years!
Whether you are an advanced dancer, a beginner, or someone who has two left feet, you will find that Ballroom Fever
can suit your dancing needs matching you with one of the pro’s who teach here:  Gunnar, Daryll, Mick, Diana, Vlad, Linda,
Christine, Mateuz, April,

Specials for  BEGINNERS  & 


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Saturday November 1st


7-10pm  $15 pp

Everyone is welcome from every studio

Hope to see you here!

group class and light refreshments included