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About Ballroom Fever Dance Studio

At Ballroom Fever Dance Studio of Enfield, Connecticut, we teach you to the best of your ability. You can choose which dance or dances that you would like to begin to learn, or ask your instructor for some advice on which dances might best suit your lifestyle. Our instructors normally start your lessons with one fast dance and one slow dance. After learning the basics, you can determine which style bests suits you, and we tailor your lessons to your newfound preferences.  Beginner Specials change daily, call to see what is available today.

Keeping Affordability in Mind

You deserve to learn how to feel the rhythm and beat on your own terms. For this reason, tuition for dance classes is paid for on a lesson-by-lesson basis. We provide a simple and stress-free learning environment free from contracts or concrete obligations. Feel free to learn whenever you and your partner please. The Instructors are available to teach at various hours throughout the whole week.

Couples, Partnerships, and Children

When teaching couples and children, one of our lady instructors leads your lessons.  Christine, April, Linda, and Daryll are more than happy to teach you some new steps. The Instructors are available to teach at various hours throughout the whole week.

For Gentlemen

Gentlemen students can learn new dance moves with our lady instructors. They will teach you the basic steps, and instill you with the confidence you need to lead your partner to a moving dance routine.

For Ladies

Likewise, our gentleman instructors are happy to assist ladies who would like to learn the intricacies of ballroom and Latin dancing. Simply schedule an appointment and they will be more than happy to show you how to master enchanting dance moves.